A connection is the way Ranger hooks into your SaaS applications. By providing an API Key, API Secret and information about both authentication + token exchange, Ranger can maintain connection to your accounts.

Example: The information required to authenticate and manage tokens with Salesforce.


An individual user account in an application. 

Example: John Smith's Salesforce account.


An action is just an API call. Ranger has no knowledge of what actions are available until you register them. 

Example: A Salesforce API call to create a new record


A template is an organized series of Actions. Think of a template like a script. 

Example: In Salesforce:

  1. Create a new Account.
  2. Create a new Opportunity for that Account.
  3. Update Stage of Opportunity. 


A path is an applied template or series of templates. Paths allow you to specify the data you'd like to include in each template so you can apply them to specific use cases, industries or lines of business. 

Example: With the Template discussed in the Template section: 

  1. Create a new Account with the name Acme, Incorporated.
  2. Create a new $10,000 opportunity for Acme, Inc.
  3. Update stage to "Negotiated".